The Corner of Geary Blvd. and 32nd Ave.

Angela Chan,Hong Kong
Interviewed by : Justin Wong

"Even today i show my sons how racing was done when i use to"

I stepped into the passenger seat of my friends 75’ Dodge Charger. It was about 1 o’clock just after lunch had ended and I was on the corner of Geary Blvd. and 32nd Ave in the Richmond District. Before I knew it, the car was reaching the top of 4th gear. I could see in the rear view mirror another speeding car falling behind. My life hasn’t always been like this; cutting school to go race. It use to be plain and simple.


I was born into a poor family of 8 older siblings in Hong Kong. My home town was a filthy, metropolitan city with poor living conditions. There was not much to do there; little things such as hanging out with the neighborhood kids was the biggest excitement. By 11 years old, I was told by my parents that we would be moving to the United States for better opportunities. I left Hong Kong airport with heavy tears trickling down the side of my face as I was leaving my home, family, and friends behind.


The moment I stepped out of Oakland airport, I was dumbfounded by the amazing scenery that laid before my eyes. A gust of fresh air found it way through my nostril.  This was the first time I’ve inhaled such crisp air, since my hometown was so polluted.  As I sat in a car for the first time I remember peering out the window to witness an enormous structure the car was on.  That image of crossing the bay bridge still exists in my mind today. Our destination was Chinatown, which was where I would begin a new chapter of my life.


I started Elementary school barely able to speak English. I was an outcast because my English was not at its optimum performance. Therefore I worked hard to learn English. My parents were never a big part of my life. They taught me one thing…to be responsible.

By high school I began to stray away from education. I began to cut school to go race with friends. I had a passion for fast cars and racing. One day the words of my parents rang through my mind…be responsible. I knew that if I continued this chaos, that my life would be nothing. I worked hard during junior and senior year and finally graduated.


I moved onto college and before I knew it; I conquered that obstacle too. I graduated from San Francisco State with a degree in business. Today I am a successful State Farm agent located in Chinatown. My life has settled down since the birth of my two children. I do not regret coming to California, this land is truly a place for better opportunities. Now I am ending the last chapters of my life. My sons have adopted my racing passion and every once in a while I show then how racing was done when I use to.